TNG-Centre® Showcase

This was the initial presentation of TNG-Centre - Theg-Chog Norbu Ling Karma Kamtshang Dharma Centre made in 2003 to present it to His Holiness Orgyen Trinley Dorje, the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa.


This is the presentation of TNG-Centre | THEG-CHOG NORBU LING Karma Kamtshang Centre made in 2007, at the occasion of the consecration of the Centre by Most the Venerable Dorlop Tenga Rinpoche .


Mani Filling and Blessing Ceremony at TNG-Centre | THEG-CHOG NORBU LING by Lama Norbu Repa aka Lama Sangyay Tendzin. Producer and Editor: Lucas GOVERNATORI.


Updated video presenting Theg-Chog Norbu Ling, TNG-Centre, a Karma Kamtshang Tibetan Centre in France. Publisher: Lama Sangyay Tendzin | Editor: Upasika Lekshey.


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