Our Residents

NALJORMA UPASIKA LEKSHEYFounding Director of TNG-Centre, Director of Religious Affairs at THEG-CHOG NORBU LING & Chief Editor at KONCHOG TSEGPA PARKHANG
Naljorma Upasika Lekshey met Lama Sangyay Tendzin aka Lama Norbu Repa in Hong Kong in 1992. Over the following years, she practised Dharma under his guidance while sponsoring major projects conducted by Lama in Tibet. In 1996, as he moved to France, she offered the property on which the TNG-Centre was later to be established. Seven years later by the end of 2003, Naljorma Lekshey came to reside at TNG-Centre as the main resident. In the meantime, she accomplished several retreats under Lama's guidance and aquired the skills needed to manage the Centre. She assumed the foremost tasks related to the establishment of Theg-Chog Norbu Ling and Konchog Tsegpa Parkhang, a Dharma Publication House established by Lama Sangyay Tendzin under the Auspices of His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa, Orgyen Trinley Dorje. Naljorma Upasika Lekshey acts currently as the Director of Religious Affairs.
Upasaka Naljor Palden
Upasaka Naljor PaldenDirector, TNG-CENTRE MANAGEMENT
Jean-Charles FROHLICH is a seasoned practitioner of Swiss origin. His passion lead him to challenge the immovability of the Swiss mountains by embarking on the adventurous life of a sailor over the oceans. Well trained to cross the sea of samsara as a senior traveller, he is the man of all situations. A mechanic 'hors-pair', when something breaks down, he is the one you want to call ! In September 2019, Naljor took the lay-ordination of an Upasaka at the Holy place of Tshurphu Monastery, the Seat of the Karmapas in Central Tibet. Upasaka Naljor Palden holds currently the position of Director, MAINTENANCE & DAILY OPERATIONS.
Upasika Dawa Dechen
Upasika Dawa DechenStewardship, Bio-Culture, Wwoofing
As designed by Lama Sangyay Tendzin, wwoofing at TNG is a window of access to Dharma for those who seek meaning in existence. Sweet and helpful although a bit cheeky, Emilie Brian joined our community as a wwoofer in 2011. Do not be fooled by a rather conventional appearance: Emilie can have an exuberant, timid and fearful temperament. Anyway, constancy and determination allow her to progress without detour towards enlightenment. The distance did not prevent her from traveling to distant countries to receive the wisdom that animates it. She took the secular vows and is now called Upasika Dawa Dechen. Her responsibilities: Manager, F&B BIO-CULTIVATION & TNG-WWOOFING.
Karma Tshering Chönzom
Karma Tshering ChönzomF&B, Stewardship, Bio-Culture
At first encounter, Karma Tshering Gyalmo appears calm and posed like a studious student. Her insatiable thirst for knowledge led her from seminars to workshops in pursuit of learning that seemed on the verge of disappearing. Moved by the Culinary Art, she acquired the qualification of Chef. Her further personal research led her to India where she discovered the science of Ayurvedic medicine. As if not enough, animated by the wish to nourish and heal all beings, her peregrinations led her to the feet of the Lama where, armed with his advice, she decided to settle down. Since then, she daily provides food to our residents, with astonishing gentle care.
Kristine MATTILA
In the early nineties, Kristine MATTILA was one of the first Dharma students to support Lama's activities in Hong Kong and abroad. Kristine spent a couple of years directing on-site projects of assistance to the Poor & Needy initiated by Lama in the Kham region of Eastern Tibet. In 1997 she moved back to Arizona where she established her business while hosting TNG-PHOENIX to welcome Lama in her homeland. Kristine is a Reiki Master. At Lama's request, she initiated most of the residents to this discipline. She will soon move to Europe and join our team of residents. She will hold the post of Director, OFFICE of ADMINISTRATION.
Upasika Palden Jigmed
Upasika Palden JigmedTranslation, Editor, Outdoors
Well educated yet unpredictable, Upasaka Palden Jigmed is the number one ambiguous figure in the community. Over the years, Jigmed has been supporting wherever called for: forest management, bio-cultivation and construction work where he can be sometimes quite ingenious. With unmatched clarity, one of his many assets, Jigmed possesses the ability to summarize and translate the precious teachings of our long-winded dearest Lama. He can be non-conformist, yet most sensible and kind... Better know how to approach him! Upasika Palden Jigmed shares the position of Lama's translator at KONCHOG TSEGPA PARKHANG, our Dharma Publishing House registered at the Tsurphu Labrang.
Upasika Chimed Tshomo
Upasika Chimed TshomoOrchards, Well-Being Workshops
Tireless dancer, Tshomo is defined by the burning desire to teach and train those who cross her path. A stable gaze focused on the future, gives her a countenance with a scent of authenticity. Her recent discovery of the Ocean of Dharma which the Lama she finally met gradually reveals, represents for her a treasure in vain sought. With her slow and confident pace, she daily approaches new disciplines as she offers her services to the community. Strong confidence sometimes slows her development, the time to find advice from the benevolent Lama, who tirelessly helps her to find the lost balance, the time of distractions. Tshomo will liaise to coordinate TNG Well-being Workshops in the future.
Rose-Marie LEMMENS
Rose-Marie LEMMENSDirector, Events Management, Accounting
Rose-Marie LEMMENS has been a long-time practitioner under Lama's guidance who gave her the refuge under the name Karma Yeshe Dondrub. Dutch national, Rose-Marie lives nowadays in St MARTEN, keeping in touch, she visits TNG-Centre on a regular basis. Rose-Marie wishes to come back to France as early as September 2020 and will be living nearby TNG-Centre. Rose-Marie possesses a soft, yet firm approach to Team Management. Well trained and possessing all the skills needed to manage such fields of activities, she will hold the position of Director, EVENTS MANAGEMENT & ACCOUNTING.
Upasika Sherab Zangmo
Upasika Sherab Zangmo Medicinal Plants, Dharma Shop, Library
Joining us in 2010, Sherab is a personality abounding in energy, she channels it as well as she can by taking upon herself to assume several key roles in the community. When she can't, she has the tendency to get easily bored and frustrated. The positive aspect is that Sherab developed many skills working as an innovative secretary, a cook and manager of our organic-cultivation plans at which she excelled in her own ways. She also assisted to administrate our Dharma Shop, which she will now be managing while developing LUTYLiA, her self-created production of medicinal herbs and related products. Most ready to help, she will continue to support the community whenever needed.
Karma Gyrmed Samdrub
Karma Gyrmed SamdrubOutdoors, firewood, construction
Karma Gyurmed Samdrup has no equal in answering all the questions you ask him with his famous saying "I don't know". Rather contemplative and understanding describe this being whose sweetness is ornated with bursts of joie de vivre. He easily infects those around him with a sudden, sincere and surprising laugh. With a nonchalant look, his lively and upright spirit needs to be asked to deign to bring some interest. Informed humor is the key to approaching this tender but sometimes torn being between the world of thoughts and the responsibility of existing. Certain support for the community, it will be more so when he will have emerged from his daydreams.
Dragpa Tobden
Dragpa TobdenGe-Kôd | Temple Management
Dragpa Tobden joined the centre in 2011. After a few years of involvement as a lay practitioner, he choose to engage the formal Vinaya discipline and was ordained as a novice monk by His Eminence Tai Situpa. Getshul Thrinley Tobden is an example of stability and can be fully trusted whenever needed. Early riser, he rings the gong calling for the morning practice session as well as all ceremonies held at the temple, feeling most responsible around the clock. Dragpa Tobden is currently being trained as the future chanting master or UMZED at THEG-CHOG NORBU LING.
Ani Samyang
Ani SamyangZhab-Zhi, Chö-pön, Orchards Manager
Ani Samyang is a devoted practitioner showing a steady, definite engagement on the path to liberation. After several years of practice as a laywoman, she undertook the training of an Upasika for five years, before committing to the Vinaya discipline of a novice nun in 2018: a well deserved ordination, which she received in Bodh-Gaya, India. Anila is a most sensible, yet hard working figure in our community with a welcoming smile always ready to serve. Her many functions are to be Lama's driver and part-time cook; our Tormas and Tshok maker; as well as the acting Chöpön in the ceremonies held at THEG-CHOG NORBU LING. She is also a Tsampa producer and Sound Technician during teachings at the library.
Ani Norzang
Ani NorzangTranscripts, Edition, Maintenance
Born in Switzerland, Anila gets sometimes caught in the mountain clouds finding it difficult to manifest efficiency in her willingness to help. Nevertheless, her eagle's eyes enable her to manifest perfection in the unending task of proofing the publication of our Sadhanas and Teaching Transcripts. After several years of Dharma practice as a laywoman followed by five years of Upasika training, she was ordained as a novice nun at the Holy site of Bodh-Gaya in December 2018. Her excellent memory is an asset in remembering most texts for recitation. Anila is responsible of transcribing teaching recordings; she participates to the editing work and in the Centre Maintenance.

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